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    S Doubler
    Add depth, width, and a true sonic dimension

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    S Doubler effortlessly adds width and depth to your vocal and instrument tracks. It replicates the psycho-acoustic effects of sound proximity to create a true sense of dimension in your mix. Place the four doubling voices on a virtual sound stage and craft the stereo image of your music.

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    Use Cases

    • Add thickness and width to individual tracks or entire mixes.

    • Add richness and presence to your vocals.

    • Enhance your guitars, synth, or keyboard sounds’ presence and make them sound more expansive.

    • Create stereo signals from mono sound sources.

    • Simulate the sound of chorus and ensemble effects.

    • Enhance the overall live performance sound and make it more engaging for the listener.

    Fast, and effective

    Whether you're looking to create subtle enhancements or bold stereo effects, S Doubler offers the flexibility to tailor the sound to your exact specifications.

    Whether you're working on a vocal track that needs extra presence and depth or looking to add dimension to your instrumental arrangements, S Doubler provides the tools you need to take your mixes to the next level. With its innovative features and intuitive design, it's an essential addition to any producer or engineer's toolkit.

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    S Doubler


    • Spread

      It Controls the overall stereo width of the doubling effect. Higher “Spread” values result in wider panning and stronger variation between the doubler voices.

    • Distance

      It controls the perceived proximity of the doubler voices. S Doubler models a number of physical effects to simulate a realistic sense of depth.

    • Enable Dry Signal

      Mute the original audio for using S Doubler on a send. When dry signal output is enabled, S Doubler applies transient-based ducking to the doubler voices.

    • Tone

      This parameter controls a tilt EQ applied to the doubler voices and allows to shape their character.

    • Frequency Range

      It limits the doubling effect to the desired range. You can use the control to focus the stereo widening effect of S Doubler on just the part of the track.

    • Level

      The ‘Level’ parameter controls the volume of the doubler voices, while keeping the original signal unaffected.

    • Built-in On/off

      The built-in on and off switch in the plugin is specially useful for automation process, for avoiding any clicks in the sound.

    • Undo/redo

      Undo and Redo options are built inside the plugin so you no longer need to worry about losing setting values.

    • Mid/Side Processing

      Balance the effect of the plug-in between the mid and the side frequencies of your stereo tracks.

    • Scalable GUI

      The GUI scale may range from 80% to 150%, making the plugin display nicely on any monitor screen sizes.

    System Requirements

    • Operating Systems

      Windows: Windows 7 and Up

      Mac: macOS High Sierra (10.13) and Up.
      Intel, M1 & M2 chip

    • Plugin Formats

      VST, VST3, AU, and AAX

      32-bit and 64-bit

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