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    S Pulser Pro

    Envelope Sequencer
    S Pulser Pro

    Generate unique rhymes for your sound

    Explore endless creative possibilities to transform any sound into a catchy melody.

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    The SoliderSound S Pulser Pro is a powerful plugin for generating simple or complex rhythms on sound, with ease. It's designed to offer countless inventive ways for manipulating melodies, thus producing distinctive and innovative patterns.

    It is equipped with several practical features, each capable of influencing the type of rhythm and pattern you are pursuing. The S Pulser Pro allows you to auto-generate limitless unique musical rhythms with just a single click.

    S Pulser

    S PulserFREE

    S Pulser is a unique tremolo effect plugin, designed to help you effortlessly create captivating and rhythmic melodies. Ideal for music producers, sound designers, musicians, and DJs alike, this versatile tool is available for free download. Give it a try and explore new ways to streamline your music-making process.

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