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    S Pulser Pro
    Discover limitless musical possibilities effortlessly.

    S Pulser Pro

    The S Pulser Pro is a rhythm generator plug-in capable of creating unlimited rhythmic styles for any kind of melody. It utilizes multiple steps, envelope shapes, mid-side processing, frequency range control, and more to enhance your sound. S Pulser Pro helps level up your music and can become the driving force behind groundbreaking rhythmic innovation.

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    The Main Usage

    • Create rhythm and pulses for any kind of sound.

    • Enhance the ambiance of your reverb tracks with a distinctive and unique reverb pulse effect.

    • Create more unique FX sounds.

    • Design unique sound effects either for your music or film score.

    • Transform your chord progressions into an exciting and rhythmic masterpiece with ease.

    • Quickly apply side chain ducking effect to your sound with various styles.

    • Apply unique pulse effect to the mid or side frequencies of your stereo tracks separately.

    • Make complex musical patterns with ease.

    Create unimaginable rhythmic styles

    With just a single click, let S Pulser Pro inspire you with new and unexpected rhythmic styles for your sound. It can generate patterns for your sound, making your music more impactful and innovative.

    S Pulser Pro allows you to control pulsing effect rates, create steps, apply mid-side processing to each step or all, utilize different envelope shapes with unique settings for each step, and much more. With the auto-generator feature, S Pulser Pro applies these effects dynamically to your tracks, uncovering rhythm styles you might have never imagined before.

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    S Pulser Pro


    • Effect Depth

      This parameter controls the intensity level of the pulse effect applied by the plug-in, giving you control over the overall impact of the effect.

    • Length

      Controls the number of steps in a sequence, ranging between 2 and 8 steps.

    • Envelopes

      This feature lets you choose between four envelope shapes to your sequence steps.

    • 4 Envelope Types

      Choose an envelope type from 'Ducker', 'Sine', 'Square', or 'Saw' for each step.

    • Frequency range

      The frequency range allows you to choose the range of frequencies (20Hz to 20kHz) that you want the plugin to affect.

    • Auto-Generator

      By using this magical button, you can explore endless types of effects for creating unique soundscapes that you may have never imagined.

    • Step controls

      You can choose the number of steps in your sequence. Each step can be edited individually.

    • Input/Output level

      The meters on the left and right sides of the plugin's user interface visualize the input and output volume levels in dB.

    • Rates

      Sets the duration of a single sequence step in whole notes.

    • Output gain

      There is built-in volume output control in S Pulser Pro which allows you to control the amount of output amplitude.

    • 30+ Presets

      S Pulser Pro includes presets created by industry professionals, for specific instruments, and effect styles.

    • Undo/redo

      Undo and Redo options are built inside the plugin so you no longer need to worry about losing setting values.

    • Built-in On/Off

      The built-in on and off switch in the plugin is specially useful for automation process, for avoiding any clicks in the sound.

    • Offset

      Allows to shift the start of the sequence forward of backward. Offset can be chosen between -400% and 400% of the step duration.

    • Mid/Side Processing

      Balance the effect of the plug-in between the mid and side frequencies of your stereo tracks, either globally or for each individual step.

    • Scalable GUI

      The GUI scale may range from 90% to 150%, making the plugin display nicely on any monitor screen sizes.

    System Requirements

    • Operating Systems

      Windows: Windows 7 - Windows 11

      Mac: macOS Sierra (10.12) and up.
      Intel, M1 & M2 chip

    • Plugin Formats

      VST, VST3, AU, and AAX

      Windows supports both 32 and 64 bit.

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